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EL-Wax is the polyethylene wax derived from the unique HDPE process. EL-Wax is produced by Thai Polyethylene Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd. With the operational excellence, along with the high technology of the closed loop refinery, EL-Wax is guaranteed for its high quality for various applications. The unique properties of EL-Wax make it suitable for various applications. EL-Wax helps improve either the physical properties or lubricity of end formulations by adjusting the melting point, flowability, or hardness. Many types of solid forms contribute excellent mixing and convenient handling.
Highlight Properties of EL-Wax
  • High melting and softening points
  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent heat resistance and thermal stability
  • High hardness level
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • FDA compliance
EL-Wax is one- stop additive solution for all applications :
Hot melt adhesive To improve heat resistance, viscosity adjustment
PVC To facilitate efficient external lubricant
Color concentrate To improve wet ability of pigments, better dispersion results
Thermoplastic and road marking To reduce viscosity and improve heat resistance
Plastic additive To improve processability and molding cycle
Petroleum wax blend To improve melting point and hardness
Rubber To improve processability, carbon dispersal
Cable filling To improve heat resistance, gelling agent
SCG Chemicals’ additive and highly-concentrated masterbatches of “Active” brand is capable of enhancing production efficiently and adding value to the finished products. Also, a variety of “Active” products are now available to suit various applications and purposes in the plastics industry.
Active product categories:
1. Active Flow:
A low molecular weight polyethylene improves the plastic injection and extrusion process, expedites production, and minimizes production energy costs, with no compromise on product performance and aesthetic quality.
2. Active Plus+:
Active Plus is a highly- concentrated additive to be used with plastic resins. It helps enhance the quality and creates added value for your plastic products.
  • Active Plus+: Slip & Anti-block helps reduce film blocking problem as it enable air to pass between two layers of films, reduces vacuum, so that the difficulty in unrolling thin films or opening bags is eliminated. Consequently, a production process does not need conventional blowing process to separate films, resulting in the faster production process, less defected, and better appearance film.
  • Active Plus+: Processing Aids is specially developed for film application. It helps improve film quality in that it increases smoothness of film’s surface.
  • Active Plus+: Anti-microbial is the additive developed to increase anti-microbial or germ-killing property in plastic products. This results in the clean and safe finished product, increasing consumers’ confidence to the products.
3. Active Pro:
A customized masterbatch used to provide convenience and solutions for effective process or product quality.