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SCG wins seven Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards 2016, shares its knowledge and expertise to boost competitive edge of Thai businesses in global arena

Date : 27 February 2017


SCG has received seven Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards 2016 from the Thai Management Association (TMA) and the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University. Having been recognized for its outstanding operation, SCG will also share its experience in the seven areas in which it has won awards in hopes of boosting the capabilities of Thai businesses in order to compete successfully in the global arena.

Mr. Visit Tantisunthorn, President of TMA, said: “TMA recognizes the crucial role the business sector plays in the growth and development of Thailand. Learning from successful corporations is a key to unlocking Thailand’s future potential and ability to compete with other countries. TMA and Sasin jointly initiated the Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards in 2001 and have carried on ever since. The goal is to recognize companies for their management excellence and in order for them to become role models that set management best practices for other business entities to aspire to and follow.”

This year, SCG received a total of seven awards, recognizing its excellence in seven key areas, namely: Leadership Excellence, Financial Management Excellence, Innovation Excellence, Marketing Excellence, Product/ Service Excellence, Human Resources Management Excellence, and Sustainable Development/ Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence.

Mr. Roongrote Rangsiyopash, President & CEO of SCG, said: “On behalf of SCG, I am deeply honored to have received the royally bestowed awards for seven key areas of management. The recognition will inspire SCG people to continue to strive to build a better life for customers, society, and all stakeholders, as well as uplift the capabilities of Thai companies to be on par with its international counterparts. SCG is ready to share the knowledge we have accumulated and our expertise across several disciplines with other Thai companies in order to increase their competitiveness in the global arena.”

Associate Professor Dr. Adith Cheosakul, Head of Accreditation and Awards, Sasin, added: “In order to select companies with management excellence to become the role models for other companies to follow suit, we conduct a quantitative survey with the top-level management of 1,000 top companies as well as in-depth interviews. This year, we have introduced a new and improved survey, so that the information we receive can also be used to analyze why those companies have become so successful and how other companies can learn from these best practices.”

To date, SCG has received the following corporate excellence awards from the Thai Management Association (TMA)

  • Human Resources Management Excellence for 15 consecutive years
  • Innovation Excellence for 11 consecutive years
  • Product/ Service Excellence for seven consecutive years
  • Leadership Excellence for four consecutive years
  • Sustainable Development/ Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence for 8th year
  • Financial Management Excellence in 2016
  • Marketing Excellence in 2016