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Message from President & CEO, SCG

Throughout 2013 our world has faced with countless disasters, natural or man-made. The world community is also grappling with grave consequences as a result of imbalance between natural resource availability and expanding consumption demands. The reasons range from increase in world's population, rapid urbanization, excessive production and consumption. Whatever the reasons, we must-have, as a matter of urgency, restoration and rehabilitation for the lost and damaged. International organizations, governments, business organizations, NGOs, and the public have shown the strength of collaboration in post-disaster relief and refurbishment. Yet no matter how powerful the force of cross-sectoral collaboration can be, more frequent and intense disasters tend to accelerate in the future.

In recent years, the world community, in particular the business sector, recognizes and gives priority to sustainable development. But to translate this concept into practical reality remains fraught with many hurdles such as lack of understanding on how to integrate sustainability into business plan, or sustainability work is compartmentalized, and separated from the business sphere.

The world community as we speak is entering a critical turning point. We need to enhance the power of collaboration by working proactively to truly make change happen in creating partnership to execute sustainable development substantially.

SCG has been in business for 100 years, with commitment to develop people and organization for sustainable growth. We are also committed to making our organization recognized by the society as an organization worth working with, as a role model. We have taken concrete measures to this end and systematically, starting with every aspect of internal organization development including:

  • Inculcate business culture, upholding principles, ethics and good governance
  • Improve works that have impact on ecology and safety and bring the company on par with the league of global industrial leaders for instance, Zero Waste to Landfill, Green Procurement, environmentally friendly products and services, SCG Contractor Safety Certification System, and SCG Supplier Code of Conduct.

SCG is committed to empowerment of the community and society, as reflected in our projects such as SCG Conserving Water for Tomorrow, Innovative Technological for the Restoration of Saline Land, the Tales in the Garden Festival for child development.

Through our efforts and constant improvement, SCG is ranked as the world Industry Leader in Construction Materials by Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the third consecutive year, and we are the first in ASEAN to be recognized.

SCG embarks on the next century with full commitment to create values to the world community through our environmentally friendly business practice. We are prepared to share our knowledge, experience and achievements with all sectors through participatory process, be it business related to SCG from upstream to downstream, business organizations, social institutions, communities where SCG operates.

SCG believes that the power of collaboration in working proactively throughout the entire business chain will bring about change for the better and value creation to the world community.

Kan Trakulhoon
President & CEO, SCG