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Message from President & CEO, SCG

The global sustainable development movement commenced 20 years ago has come to a changing point yet again at United Nation's 'The Future We Want' or Rio+ 20 in June 2012 with a report on Green Economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication. This shows sustainable development has become an integral part and is interconnected to others more than ever. It also initiates a new perspective on businesses with anticipation for corporate to drive sustainable consumption without encroaching natural resources and environment. Therefore, sustainable development is another aspect for businesses. It is a strategic mean to create value and differentiation through process improvement and less natural resource dependent technology while reinvent environmentally friendly products and services. Meanwhile, it helps strengthen the community with employee engagement lending an improvement in work environment while allowing the company to sustainably grow.

SCG conducts its businesses in line with good corporate governance and principle of sustainable development. SCG commits itself to its 100 years of longstanding tradition of organizational and employee development, which helps drive innovation in products, services, work processes and business models, all of which create higher value to shareholder, investor, customer, employee and all stakeholders related.

Beyond determination of developing and creating values to meet the global standard for a better ecology, SCG also stresses the importance of building a strong community as a fundamental factor of sustainable development. SCG continuously participates in developing human resources in all social segments such as support education and thinking process development for children and youth leading them to be smart and ethical people, community development projects leading to self-sustained local vocations such as SCG Conserving Water for Tomorrow project which partners with local communities in constructing check dams for sustainable agricultural use, and the Restoration of Saline Land project which in turn helps improve farmers' standard of living according to his majesty King Rama IX's 'Sufficiency Economy' philosophy.

With unlimited dedication, determination, and same standard, SCG employs such responsibilities and codes to all ASEAN countries where it operates for a sustainable economy, society, and environment. And due to such dedication, SCG has been honored the Sector Leader in the Building Materials & Fixtures from Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) for a second consecutive year (2011-2012).

A vital factor in driving sustainable development effectively is through collaboration from all stakeholders by applying such principle to their operations. Especially, the business sector which should extend to both upstream parties, such as material producers, products and service suppliers, to down-stream parties, such as trading partners and end customers. The collaborative strength will lend sustainable development a response to society's growth under sustainable consumption. Despite the effort on resources and time invested by SCG, we are fully committed to extending our accomplishments to both upstream and down-stream groups. SCG has a strong belief that such effort will enable sustainable business network and establish the pride to all stakeholders who share happiness, balance and sustainability to all sectors while sustainably build an economic steady growth to the country and ASEAN region.

Kan Trakulhoon
President & CEO, SCG